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Samgyupsal in UST Part 1 | Samgyupsalamat

So happy that it's officially my break from school and I finally have some time to manage the blog again. I decided a few weeks back to do a quick series on the Samgyupsal (Korean Barbeque) places that just opened up in UST so this will be a two-part post so watch out for the next one! If you've been wondering about the new joints that open up just keep on reading!

Samgyupsalamat is definitely not a strange name in the Korean Barbeque industry in Manila. It first opened along Taft Avenue near De La Salle University and has been going strong for years and ultimately branched out to different parts of Metro Manila. I've been hearing a lot of good things about it but my general impression was that it seemed to be an easy fix for Korean barbeque with borderline decent quality for their meats- given the price point of 450-500 pesos for their unlimited deals - but this is one of those times when I was so glad I was wrong! :)

Their branch at Asturias-Laon Laan near UST is quite small and can probably fit about 60 people at the most. Samgyupsalamat is quite notorious for their crazy long lines any time of the day and the reason for this is that they pride themselves on being a Korean Barbeque restaurant that has no time limits which is why people tend to stay for an incredibly long time. A lot of blogs advise that you come here at least an hour before you actually plan to eat, but my advice is to come before opening time to guarantee yourself a seat. Samgyupsalamat opens at 11AM and I make it a point to arrive 30 to 15 minutes before they open. Even at this time, you can bet that there are already a few people who've had the same idea. But still, being 3rd in line to be served is way better than being the 11th or the 17th which has actually happened to me and my family and you can bet that we didn't wait around for that. Haha!

Their unlimited sets have a 50 peso difference. Set 1 just gets you unlimited pork while Set 2 gives you both unlimited pork and beef which is definitely the way to go.

I think another good thing about eating here during opening time is that the meats are fresher and the staff just came in so they have the energy to serve you best.

Their side dishes vary from time to time but they're all quite good in quality in the two times I've eaten here.

Also!! The sauces here are my favorite as far as sauces in Korean Barbeque places go. The usually ignore the Gochujang and go straight for the Salt Sauce and Bulgogi Sauce (Not sure what it's called though) because they make the meats taste even more heavenly. Another important thing to note is that the Salt Sauce in Samgyupsalamat has great quality because it doesn't have any overpowering processed taste which is what I've observed in most restaurants that offer Korean Barbeque. (A good example is Seoul Train in Quezon City) Salt Sauce quality is very important because it can make or break what you eat. I really love that Samgyupsalamat keeps their sauces almost identical to my favorite barbeque restaurant in Seoul. (For a review of that restaurant click here)

My favorite combination is lettuce leaf, your choice of meat dipped in Salt Sauce, topped with some Kimchi Spring Onions!

The tables are quite small so I recommend only bringing a party of 4 unless you want to split on tables.

Their Buljib (Pork Belly) is one of the most sinful cuts of meat I've ever tried and I can honestly say I crave it to this day! This is before it gets cooked.

And this is after! It's juicy and actually pops a little in your mouth and is incredibly flavorful alone or dipped in sauce. I wasn't able to take pictures of everything else because we were so hungry. Haha! But believe me when I say everything on the menu is fantastic and is still unbeaten as my favorite barbeque spot to this very day. However, I wasn't a big fan of the Gochujang Pork and Gochujang Beef because they're really really salty. Everything else was hands-down great though. If I were to rank my favorites, it would be the Yangnyeom Beef, the Buljib, and the Samgyup Moksal. Everything is worth trying though - except for the Gochujang ones unless you really really REALLY like salty food. Another thing that's great about Samgyupsalamat is that every plate of meat you order isn't too much that you get a decent serving but still have some room to try everything.

Definitely worth the hype and I honestly can't wait to eat here again with my friends!

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