Sunday, May 22, 2016

Korea March 2016 | Yeouido & Naksan Ihwa Mural Village

After coffee at Namsan Tower, we all headed to Yeouido Park to catch the Pang Pang Show. I cannot say enough how much I loved this park. It was so perfect to just stroll around because the weather was so nice and cool, but since it is beside the river, the wind can be brutally cold sometimes so watch out for that. Read on for the second part of my Korea travel posts! :)

Gorgeous views anywhere you look.

I think planners in the Philippines should realize that though this setting works beautifully with other countries, the same can never be said for the Philippines since it's absolutely hot year-round. I hope we can one day design parks that everyone would love visiting like Yeouido Park!

Taking the ELAND Cruise tours you up and down the river and it's also where you can watch the Pang Pang Show.

Had absolutely no idea what I was about to watch and honestly thought I was in for a historical cultural performance but I was about to be immensely proven wrong. Haha!

Pang Pang Show is a comedy show purely intended to make you laugh. It stars these 4 goofy guys who demonstrate how to bake bread but they compete with each other in the process and do all sorts of stunts and funny dances.

No need to worry if you don't speak Korean, the dialogue is completely in gibberish and everything is expressed through dance and gestures.

It was a very short show so the rest of the time on the boat can be spent taking photos of the city from the view of the river. However, I already learned my lesson from the cruise in Japan where I almost froze because the cold breeze is the roughest on the boat.

We capped off our first day with some Abalone Congee at Myeongdong. Sadly, this was yet another disappointing meal and also our most expensive for the whole trip! Personally, I recommend just filling up on street food or convenience store food (CU is my top recommendation)

Our first agenda the next day was the Ihwa Mural Village! There isn't any exact station heading to the mural village so we got off near this university district which had so many chic little stores and cafes. Absolutely jealous of universities here with their beautiful communities! I bet the students never run out of things to do! *o*

Stopped by this random clothing store selling your street style essentials.

These adorable backpacks cost less than 1000PHP! Really wanted one but I was trying to be careful not to buy on impulse.

Got to try these super awesome mochi with fresh fruits inside and red bean paste just across the clothing store! Such an unexpected balance between juicy pieces of fruit and mochi! Really recommend this.
Instant coffee is one of my favorite things about Korea. You can get this almost anywhere and the packaging is absolutely amazing. Just put in the straw and drink up!

The inclined path to the mural village can be quite a struggle so be sure to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.

First mural sighting! Beautiful wire art if a dog and its master.

First cherry blossoms I've ever seen and spent about 10 minutes taking photos. Such an incredible and unexpected experience.

Stumbled upon this AMAZING hipster cafe on the way to the village! Didn't get to try anything but I made sure to snap photos because the decor was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Hipsters would feel completely at home here and I love how there's so much stuff yet it didn't feel overdone at all!

Definitely trying this place the next time I visit! :)

Lots of steel statues on the way.

Solar-powered lamp post turned into a robot! The head is made of solar panels! :)

Everywhere you looked there was something to photograph.

Saw this tote and totally spazzed out on how appropriate it was for my life as well as my closest friends. Got in every color for personal and gifting purposes! :)

Ihwa is a perfect example of a community with a solid identity and it's honestly one of my favorite experiences to date. Hard to believe this amazing attraction is home to so many people!

Didn't get to visit this 3D museum. The large man is actually a statue but looks two-dimensional wherever you look!

This place is so bohemian, I can't-
My favorite part of the village! They've got a lot of these stone steps, each designed in a different way. This was made with pieces of tiles. Others were painted and people line up just to take photos with the stairs!

My turn. Haha!

You could feel memories attached in every corner of this village.

Before we went off to the next destination, we stopped by this small restaurant for lunch.

Had some Bibimguksu and it was the first meal I genuinely loved so far! First tried this at a Korean restaurant near my college and fell in love at the first bite. They're cold noodles with eggs and veggies and ground meat. When you mix it with the red sauce, it is absolutely heavenly and satisfying! Seeing this makes me crave it even more! Haha!

Stay tuned for my visit to Dongdaemun and more! :D


  1. This makes me reminisce my own Seoul adventure three years back. Reading about a place I have already visited makes me feel nostalgic. Did you visit Hongdae? It's a nice neighborhood. :-) -Claire Algarme

  2. It did seem like there wasn't a lot of tourists that day. These are great spots for a ootd shots indeed. The dancers look funny but cute!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! You have inspired me to have my own adventure! Hopefully I can visit there one day.

  4. I am living vicariously through your posts. That play with the 4 guys sound hilarious and something that I'd love to watch. The city is beautiful and that mural of the dog and his master is superb. I'd so love to visit one day.

  5. I love the tiled steps which is so artsy. They also do have a lot of cool caps in the store.

  6. Wow! Nice trip U must have had. Your OOTD match the setting too.

  7. I would love to try the river boat tour! And street food almost always wins over expensive restaurant food in my book!!

  8. Love those quirky artworks - the mural, the mosaic steps, robot street light - awesome!!! Those fresh fruit dumplings look sooo yummy..

  9. Beautiful murals, street work and place is so instgram worthy to capture every moment.

  10. These are places we have not been to in Seoul. That means we need to go back! I have not heard of that Pang Pang show before. Those murals look so good.

  11. I've never been to Korea before but it has always been on my list of places to visit. It's really beautiful and I heard that it's a shopper's paradise especially when it comes to make up! Haha. Definitely my kind of place.


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  13. So many great looking items to spend on. I know it took restraint to stick to your budget. :) I like that backpack too!

  14. I got to know more about korea not just through you, but also through the various TV shows I've been watching. I will love to go there one day!

  15. Korea is one of my must-go's. Your pictures are really beautiful. Everything there is instagram-worthy!

  16. Those LED lights look nothing less than actual flowers. If it comes to sightseeing vs shopping, I will always choose shopping.