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Seoul September 2017 Part 7 | Everland

The last part of my Seoul 2017 travel diaries is going to be about my trip to Everland! It's quite the commute from Seoul but it's definitely not a difficult one. The shuttle to Everland is at Gangnam and you just take one bus that takes you straight to the Everland shuttles!

After taking a shuttle at the Everland Shuttle Station, you're there!

You can buy your tickets here but I suggest finding deals online to get a huge discount. We got ours at Funtastic Korea for 40% off the original price!

In the distance, there's a convenience store where you can buy snacks to bring inside the park. They're pretty much ok with bringing packed lunches so long as it isn't bulky so a roll of Gimbap is an easy way to save a lot of money for lunch since food in amusement parks are always pricey!

Unfortunately though, the convenience store here doesn't sell Gimbap which I think is pretty intentional. Haha!

There are actually shops here. Like, real shops like Etude House and Olive Young! You can still do some serious skincare shopping here which is a pleasant surprise.

Live 4D Theater.

There's also an 8" shop here, which for me is kind of like their local H&M but pricier.

We were still pretty far from Halloween but everything was already decorated.

There are a lot of cable cars here that you can actually use not just as an attraction but a legitimate way of getting places in the parking since it's so big. Haha!

You can already see one of the major attractions from here! I wasn't able to take a closer photo of this particular roller coaster but I did get to ride it. There's at least 3 full-circle spins here and it's a lot of fun but can induce some serious nausea if you aren't careful - I suggest saving it for last.

The first ride I really took was this one. It spins you around but in different angles and I loved how breezy it is. It just seems a bit scary at first but I really enjoyed myself with this one. A little bit dizzying but otherwise fine!

In the distance shrouded in fog is the most famous ride in Everland - The T Express! More on that later.

I definitely did not ride the Double Rock Spin because I was 200% certain that I was going to be way too nauseous to function after riding this. The ride is so extreme that a team actually has to conduct a few tests before declaring it ok to ride for the people. My friends who rode it loved it the most though so if you're brave, you should definitely try it! The whole thing spins but the seats themselves spin - and quite rapidly at that! :)

Samsung has Robot VR ride but we didn't try it because we were concentrated on heading to T Express!

We also rode on their Vikings ride which is the classic Anchors Away type of ride which is a swinging ship that becomes more extreme with every swing, but it doesn't spin all the way around like the insane one at Sunway Bay in Singapore. Haha! This is definitely the chillest ride that I tried in the park.

It really is quite the hike to T Express. You can already see my friend, Ruby, in the photo, quite tired. Haha!

We stopped by the Spooky Fun House because my friends were curious. It is a very funny place to try especially if you're with kids. It isn't scary at all, so don't worry. Haha!

Getting closer to the T Express!

We also experienced a parade around this time. It was ghost-themed, but I'm not entirely sure if it's because of the Halloween decor or if it was because the zone we were in was horror-themed.

There aren't really any recognizable characters. They were like random characters that weren't protected by copyright because Everland itself didn't have a distinct brand unlike in Universal Studios and Disneyland, but it's totally fine because you go to Everland for the rides and not really for the characters you can find there.

We also checked out the Mystery Mansion which is kind of like a haunted house but crossed with laser tag arena. Haha!

Inside, you ride on a circular moving car and you shoot your lasers at different targets. But nothing inside is scary and I didn't really understand what was going on for the most part. Haha! The good thing about almost all the rides in Everland at the time was that there were almost no lines anywhere, while places that had lines were only really small and you would find yourself waiting for only about 20 minutes at most, except for T Express though! Haha!

Once you see the post apocalyptic decor, you know you're about to enter...

 Blood City! This is where T Express is. Wasn't that an intense journey? Haha!

Very reminiscent of the The Walking Dead and The Last of Us!

Crowd outside T Express. They're probably waiting for their friends and family who wanted to try the ride. Haha!

Of all the rides, only T Express had a typical amusement park line. Though it was long, it moved pretty fast. Or maybe because my friends and I were just chatting the entire time and the waiting time just flew by. All I remember is that we didn't wait for an hour and that's already above average for waiting time in a good way.

The whole T Express roller coaster is made of wood which adds to the old horror movie vibe! I took comfort in the fact that the wood construction meant no crazy twirls at least. Haha!

Not long after, it was finally our turn and my crazy friends wanted to ride at the very front which was not fun for me. Haha! And it's also very interesting seeing the faces of the people who rode before us. Some were sick off their minds while some were incredibly happy. Usually, the locals are found disheveled and exhausted while fellow foreigners were the ones shouting in joy. Haha! It's also worth noting that almost all rides in Everland offer a place for you leave your bags while you take the ride so need to worry if you bring a big bag for supplies.

The ride itself is surprisingly long despite the cars moving really fast. The craziest part is the beginning when there is an insanely steep drop which sends you zooming all across the tracks. I actually closed my eyes for that one because it's so insane. There are a lot of deep dips that follow and then before you know it, you're back with your hair all blown out. Haha! Definitely worth the hike and the wait!

You can happily walk out of there a winner!

Afterwards, we tried other minor rides like the Bumper Cars and then made our way home but this time, by Cable Car, and that definitely cut the traveling time. Haha!

Everland is definitely a place I recommend for those looking for an amusement park experience while in Seoul! My last tip is to definitely still ride the bus going to Gangnam going back and not any other route to Seoul because we made the mistake of riding the bus that ends at a different station in Seoul that we thought was nearer but we ended up getting 2 hours delayed because it took so many detours and stops along the way. So just take the same bus number you rode going to Everland and you should be home in no time!

Despite my lengthy stay in Seoul, I absolutely can't wait to go back! I definitely need to go back to Meat-ing. Hahaha! Hope you guys enjoyed my Seoul 2017 series! Cheers!

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