Sunday, September 30, 2018

Philadelphia 2018 | Part 3 - Philadelphia Museum of Art

The next day we headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Being the super lazy traveler that I am, I didn't really know what to expect yet again so I was definitely in for a giant refreshing surprise. Read on to see why!

We started our day with breakfast at a diner called Food's On First.

The South Philly Omelette had pickled jalapeno peppers and some cheese steak. So deliciously balanced and worked well with the plain grits and unsalted butter! You might have to order this off-menu though! It was a special that was recommended by the waitress.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon was pretty straightforward. I just ordered it because *grilled cheese sandwich*

We also ordered the Cheese Steak Omelette with a side of fruit because it was a regular menu item. Essentially the same as the South Philly omelette except without the jalapeno. This was good but the South Philly Omelette is definitely my favorite of the meal!

We reached the Philadelphia Museum of Art after a short walk but this was only the annex. So pretty though right?

Here, they've got their temporary exhibits. You can pay for the admission for both the main building and annex here though!

The exhibits in the annex at the time were more on modern artists. There were even a few pieces from Andy Warhol!

We spent a short while here because I didn't know what I was in for when we finally reached...

The Main Building!!! So incredibly huge!

You can join walking tours from the lobby but I ultimately got separated from the group because I was busy taking pictures of everything haha!

From the lobby, you're led to a slow and steady build-up...

To this gorgeous main hall! Honestly so stunning to see in person!!

Everything pulls focus to the golden statue of Artemis.

On the sides of the main hall are amazing tapestries showing historical scenes.

I started with the weapons and armor exhibits!

It then connects to art from different eras. I loved the Renaissance art the most! The feeling is just incredible seeing them in person. Though I think a lot of them are replicas. They're every bit as stunning nonetheless!

Every room is also beautifully but minimally decorated to sort of transport you to another time!

Suddenly in a church inspired room!

Then you also reach more simple rooms for the paintings to stand out. The Baroque art is so dark and mysterious and all sorts of stunning. There really is no feeling like it in all the museums I've been to.

This clock gives me Shin Megami Tensei vibes! I kinda want one for my future home lol

I just took photos of my favorite paintings!

The Birth of Venus is absolutely incredible in the flesh.

The most stunning was the Abduction of Europa for me!

The colors in this painting were especially stunning!! Too bad it was actually capturing a kingdom going up in flames.

There are also incredibly elaborate rooms that bring you to different continents!

Gorgeous Asian display!

I think they captured the darkness of old Chinese temples perfectly.

There were also a few modern art exhibits. Ranging from strange to really strange. I remember one exhibit by an artist who claims to have been possessed when he made his art. They were confessions by the Greek Gods done in intense scary writings on canvas.

Afterwards, we went out to the front plaza to find the statue of Rocky Balboa!

This was where they filmed the iconic training montage for the Rocky movies.

Ending this post with the statue of Rocky!

Stay tuned for more of my U.S. travel posts! :)

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