Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fukuoka 2018 | Gastronomic Adventures at Goh La Maison de la Nature

Japan is known for amazing food and we decided to take it a step further than your usual hole in the wall ramen shop or sushi and sashimi. We tried a gourmet Omakase restaurant at Fukuoka called GOH La Maison de la Nature! Here, I was able to have the most interesting meal in my life so far! Read on to see why!

The restaurant is particularly hidden in Tenjin, Fukuoka. So I highly suggest using Google Maps for this. Once you're inside, the place is quite expansive, but separated into small zones, so it feels quite intimate, still!

In an Omakase, you pay a fixed fee as if paying for packages and the chef decides on what he or she wants to serve! The menu usually changes daily or weekly. We got the most basic set meal which costs about 3500php per person. (Yes, it's quite pricey. Huhu) But honestly worth the quality as well as the experience!

First Course: Foie Gras Tart with Cacao Beans, Fukuoka Strawberry, topped with Red Beet Jelly - Served with Chocolate Bread and Balsamic Dressing.

Honestly a bizarre combo especially when you hear it but I ended up enjoying this concoction! Haha! The tart is surprisingly smooth and creamy like a moose. Salty and lightly sweet with the prominent tang of the Amao (Fukuoka Strawberry), you're then hit with the rich flavor of Foie Gras which they toned down with the mousse-like filling. Awesome!

The next one is a whole platter of interesting bites!

Second Course: Quiche with Sweet Potato, Leeks, and Bacon

Your standard classic Quiche with the added richness of Japanese Sweet Potato which is known to be naturally extra sweet and smooth.

Rice Cookie with Monkfish Liver, Scallop, and Daisy

It's hard to describe other than being really flavorful thanks to the Monkfish Liver. Everything here is balanced out by the crisp rice cookie and delicate Daisy petals.

Nagasaki Maguro (Tuna) with Tomato Sauce, and Red Beet dollop

Classic but high quality slice of Tuna sashimi with the slight tang of Tomato and Red Beet. Clean classic Japanese flavor!

Wasabi Cookie with Japanese Daisy

This simple thing was probably the most surprising. The cookie melts in our mouth upon contact and hits you with a salty-sweet flavor which is then followed by prominent wasabi that isn't too overpowering.

Third Course: Asparagus Coulis, Consomme Jelly, topped with Hokkaido Uni

This one is a salty gelatinous treat with a strong Uni scent. Nothing much to say because it's honestly quite hard to describe. Imagine a salty, fishy, creamy panna cotta? Except that it's delicious. Haha!

Fourth Course: Spanish Mackerel, Turnip Slices, topped with Turnip Sauce, White Wine Butter, and Yuzu Rind.

Definitely the most fragrant dish of the meal! This one smelled so insanely good that I want to cry just writing about it. I expected a lot of tang because of the citrus scent but ended up with creamy fish with a lot of creamy or rich elements thanks to the better. This was a bit disappointing but mostly because I expected some tartness.

Fifth Course: Kumamoto Beef with Kyushu Vegetables and Black Bordeaux Sauce

Probably the most premium of the dishes served. The steak wasn't too seasoned but mostly because they wanted you to enjoy the quality of the meat. This pairs perfectly with the deep and slightly tangy bordeaux sauce. The vegetables are roasted to perfection with a nice selection including sweet potato and lotus root. My favorite of the vegetables is the little tomato! Packs such a punch!

Dessert: Miso Creme Brulee with Fukuoka Strawberry, Soy Sauce Powder, & Ice Cream

Not surprised if you were taken aback by this one but it was honestly so lovely! I've always been obsessed with Creme Brulee and having it in this salty-sweet combo is awesome. Ice Cream with soy sauce has been making the rounds in the internet lately and I've yet to try Vanilla with Soy Sauce but they've been doing this in Japan forever! However, Goh takes it a step further with this dish and creates a crazy mix of sweet, fruity, and salty held together by deep and luscious chocolate. So good!

Dessert: Brownie ala Mode with Corn Cookie

Your standard rich, dense, brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, and a crisp corn cookie. Surprisingly familiar. Haha!

Dessert: GOH-Diva Chocolate Mousse, Sake Ice Cream, Sake Jelly, and Fukuoka Strawberry

This dish was done in collaboration with Godiva Chocolates! If you've noticed, they even changed the logo to show the chef riding on Godiva's horse - with a noticeably large belly! Haha! The staff would joke about the head chef's big belly and they're all so adorable. Even Head Chef Goh would come out and seem quite intimidating - only for you to find out that he's a big soft goofball. Just really good vibes all around! :)

Moving on to the dessert itself, it is a great celebration of chocolate. Rich, creamy, deepened with the flavor of Sake and balanced with the tang of Fukuoka Strawberry. Simple enough yet so so good!

To end the meal, you can either have Sweet Potato Tea or Coffee. I went for Sweet Potato Tea which was ever so slightly sweet! Really really lovely and light way to end the evening.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience at Goh La Maison de la Nature!

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