Sunday, September 16, 2018

Philadelphia 2018 | Part 1 Leaving Brooklyn & Benjamin Franklin Museum

We got up early the next day to grab a quick breakfast before catching the bus to Philadelphia! Since the cafe we originally wanted to try had no food yet, we decided to wing it at a place called the Windsor Cafe.

Probably the nicest diner I've gone to in Brooklyn! It's owned by a really nice Italian man who seems to treat everyone like family. So adorable!

Sadly, I can't remember what exactly we ordered. Here's an omelette with hollondaise with a side of hash. Super tasty and in a lovely large serving.

We also split a tuna club sandwich. This one was just alright. Should've gone for their pancakes instead!
We also tried their famous New York Cheesecake and it was pure love! Nothing too life-changing because in my opinion, all cheesecake is beautiful. Haha! But this one was so creamy yet so light and not too sweet! So good!

Our MegaBus ride took about 2 hours and you barely notice it thanks to the Wi-Fi! And the rides just cost less than 10 bucks! From the station, we took an Uber to our AirBnB. A great thing about Philly is that it's quite cheap to Uber everywhere! The trains aren't exactly the most reliable here so it's great that you have the option to use Uber or Lyft.

Super love the colorful and artsy apartments here! It's definitely warmer here than in New York and the streets are nowhere as busy.

After grabbing lunch and settling in our AirBnB, we made our way to Broad Street where City Hall is. It's located at the center of the city. From there, you can access the shopping district and basically anywhere you want - everything is walkable.

So great seeing the local government showing such support for their LGBTQ+ communities.

We headed south towards where the museums are.

Definitely lots of historical buildings everywhere!

City Hall is absolutely stunning!

They even hold outdoor concerts just outside City Hall!

Finally, the Benjamin Franklin Museum!

They were currently having a Game-inspired exhibit but we decided not to go for it because it was already quite late and admission was so expensive. Huhu

Once you get to the lobby, you'll immediately notice people participating in the Sky Bike which looks like a lot of fun!

We visited the Your Brain exhibit which was one of the free exhibits at the time. We were waiting for 4:00 PM to get the discount they give out during the end of the day for visitors in the main museum.

Here, you can find very cool interpretations for how the brain works.

You start with simpler exhibits.

Then you eventually see more graphic-based exhibits including...

A playground inspired by neurons in our nervous system!

This graphics display actually shifts in color to show you how impulses flow.

One of my favorite in the Brain exhibits!

Now onto the Main Exhibits!

The exhibit I recommend the most is the Electricity Exhibit! After all, that's one of the reasons why Benjamin Franklin is a historical figure!

Overall, I think the Benjamin Franklin Museum is a great place to bring kids along. So many cool interactive exhibits! The admission can be a bit pricey but it's a nice place to learn!

Stay tuned for more of Philadelphia~

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