Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fukuoka 2018 Part 6 | Nagasaki Day Trip - Glover Garden + Peace Park

On our last few days in Fukuoka, we joined a KKDay tour package to Nagasaki. We met at Hakata Station and boarded their tour bus from there. KKDay is a Taiwanese company but our tour guide was Korean and we were accompanied by 3 other Korean tourists. Haha! Our guide could speak English well enough but discussed the locations in Hangul. He did try to explain it in English for us but wasn't quite confident about it. He's still a pretty good guide though! :)

After a 2.5 hour ride, we finally reached Nagasaki. First stop, Glover Garden!

On the way there, you'll pass by this shopping street which is actually a fun place to do food trips like the one in Dazaifu only a bit smaller. (More on Dazaifu street food here). But we'll come back to this later.

You can order this grilled meat bun and it will literally melt in your mouth. AMAZING.

Oura Cathedral! We only passed by though.

Now, onto Glover Garden!

You will have to keep going up to get to the ticket booth. Don't worry though, there are tons of escalators to ride.

You basically have to keep going up until you reach the highest point which is the old colonial home.

Outside the house is a beautiful deck with an amazing garden.

The inside of the house is repurposed as a mini gallery.

On the balcony, you can see a great view of Nagasaki as well as the garden.

The house is pretty much the highlight of the area but it was so adorable seeing this little turtle on top of the stone turtle on one of the fountains going down.

You will ultimately be led to this dim area with a theater before finally leaving Glover Garden.

Of course, there are lots of treats and souvenirs for you to check out before fully exiting the garden.

Now back to the shopping street! I got a Melon Ice Cream while my brother got Hokkaido Squash! The Melon Ice Cream ended up tasting like Korean Melona ice cream so I regretted it a bit. The Hokkaido Squash is sweet and creamy with bits of Squash inside! Very cool :)

Another highlight on this shopping street is Sei Fu Do! Castella is a popular Japanese treat. It's essentially a fluffy rectangular cake with different flavors. But Sei Fu Do takes it a few steps further with a wider array of flavors.

My favorite is the Cheese flavor as well as the Earl Grey flavor!

Next stop was the Nagasaki Peace Park! Here, you can find various statues from different countries trying to embody images of peace. Probably not great to visit here in Summer though as there are no areas for shade.

There are two small sheds for paper cranes which are a symbol of peace.

The main statue of the Peace Park - the Peace Statue. Not really clear who it's based on.

One of the statues that definitely caught my eye! It was hard to see the descriptions though.

China's Peace Statue!

That's it for the Peace Park!

Stay tuned for the second leg of my Nagasaki day trip!

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